Doctor Strange has been casting spells in the Marvel Universe for over five decades, but next month, he'll finally join the big leagues when his first theatrical movie hits theaters in the U.S. Starring Benedict Cumberbatch, Doctor Strange will explore how the eponymous protagonist went from being a cocky surgeon to one of Earth's magical defenders in the MCU. Although this cinematic universe has already touched on mystical forces in the Netflix shows and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., this movie will fully pull back the curtain on magic

Even though there's only a week until the Sorcerer Supreme's big screen exploits, that's still plenty of time to learn about him from his adventures in comics and other media. That's why we've compiled this list of Doctor Strange stories to check out, ranging from the Silver Age to the modern era. Unless otherwise noted, these stories can be found either as collections or at digital sources like Comixology (or in one entry's case, on Blu-ray/DVD/digitally).

Doctor Strange: The Oath

If you ask a hardcore Doctor Strange fan what's the main comic book story to read starring the good Doctor, chances are they'll mention The Oath first. Written by Brian K. Vaughn and illustrated by Marcos Martin, this five-issue story arc saw Stephen Strange dealing with one of his former surgeon colleagues, Nicodemus West, who will actually be played by Michael Stuhlbarg in the live action movie. However, while the cinematic Nicodemus has simply been described as a "rival scientist," his comic book counterpart actually wielded mystical forces against the Sorcerer Supreme. The Oath also followed Strange trying to heal Wong from his terminal cancer. As far as self-contained tales go, outside of Strange's origin, The Oath definitely should rank at the top of your must-read list.

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