When it comes to making great movies, sometimes you just can't do any better than real life. Sometimes you can't create a story that's any more amazing than the things people have actually done. However, quite often, those stories aren't perfect, and then a movie that tries to improve on the reality ends up losing much of what made the real events special.

This weekend, we'll see Andrew Garfield portray Desmond Doss in Hacksaw Ridge. Doss was a real man, and, for the most part, the film does appear to stay close to the reality of the situation. But not every movie about real wars has been so good about that. Not every movie here is actually based on a true story, but they all contain true events that didn't quite unfold the way they were shown on screen. Starting with:

Saving Private Ryan

The quest for Matt Damon's Private Ryan so that he may be brought home alive to his grieving mother never really happened. However, D-Day absolutely did. The invasion of France was one of the largest military action's ever undertaken, but if you were to base your knowledge on what happened in the movie Saving Private Ryan, you'd think that the US was the only nation involved. However, the taking of Omaha Beach included British and Canadian forces as well as free French. None of them are ever seen or spoken to during or after the invasion. They risked their lives just as much, it would have been nice to show them a little on-screen consideration.

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