Power Rangers Movie's Megazord Looks Very Different From The TV Version

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If you were a 90's kid, there are a few TV properties that likely remain very close to your heart. Chief among them is the action packed and poorly dubbed Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. The 90's classic saw a team of "teenagers with attitude" who were chosen (by a giant talking head names Zordon) to save the world from the forces of evil. Every Saturday saw a new enemy for the rangers to fight, which they would eventually vanquish with help from their Zords. Zords are basically giant robots that the kids would pilot use to assemble to make a Megazord, a human-like robot with a badass sword.

The formation of the Megazord was by far the highlight of each episode. And now we can finally see what the Megazord will look like in the upcoming live action reboot. Check it out.

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The Power Rangers aren't kid stuff anymore.

The above image comes to us from the official Power Rangers franchise Instagram. Encouraging folks to pre order merchandise for the upcoming Power Rangers movie, we see the action figure version of the new Megazord. And it looks nothing like the original- except for the fact that it is standing on two legs. Let's break down all the craziness.

To start, it doesn't appear that the new Megazord will actually be made up of the individual Zords. In Mighty Morphin Power Rangers all of the Rangers' Zords would transform in order to make up the Megazord's limbs. The mastodon made up the arms, the sabertooth tiger and triceratops were the legs, and so on. But the new Megazord seems capable of creating its limbs out of thin air, with just a hint of the original Zords' color thrown in there for good measure.

As a refresher, check out the original Megazord, to see just how different the Power Rangers version is.

There's also a huge difference in regards to the weaponry. To start, the new Megazord has sprouted wings out of nowhere. It's safe to assume that the Rangers' battle with Rita Repulsa (Elizabeth Banks) will take to the skies, or possibly into space itself. All of the imagery around Power Rangers feels very extraterrestrial, so it would make sense that the climactic final battle would be in space.

The Megazord also seems to packing heat in a way that the original didn't. Instead of a giant sword, the new Megazord has a shiv that appears off its fists. While still a blade weapon, it somehow feels more vicious than the original sword. The robot's other arm has some serious bit of firepower, which was definitely absent from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. The new T-Rex zord is also packing heat, so it's safe to assume that this isn't exactly the kid friendly version we know from the 1990's.

What do you think of the new Megazord? Sound off in the comments below. Power Rangers will fly, shoot, and stab its way into theaters on March 24th, 2017.

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