The Red Power Ranger's Sword Looks So Awesome, See It Now

When you recruit a team of teenagers with attitude to protect the world from alien threats, you need to make sure they are properly armed for battle. Fortunately, it looks like Zordon has that covered for next year's Power Rangers movie. Several pictures have been released of the Rangers' suits, and their gigantic Zords were teased earlier this month. Now we have out first look at one of their weapons, specifically what the Red Ranger will cut down his enemies with in battle.

Power Sword

Saban Brands provided Power Rangers NOW with the first image of the Red Ranger's Power Sword, which, in keeping with this movie being a reboot of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, looks slightly different than the original sword. The handle is curved on two sides rather than one straight handle, providing some hand protection, and there a scale-like design on the blade in keeping with the Red Ranger's Tyrannosaurus theme. Much like the Rangers' suits and Zords, this version of the Sword looks more alien. Considering the source of their abilities and arsenal, that's appropriate, but more importantly, it looks much cooler. The Rangers usually rely on their martial arts skills when first fighting an enemy, but when necessary, they'll break out their weapons, and in Jason the Red Ranger's case (played by Dacre Montgomery), that will be the Power Sword.

While not guaranteed, Power Rangers releasing this photo of the Power Sword could mean we'll see the other Ranger's weapons in the coming weeks. Assuming they'll also be redesigns of the weapons from Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers that means the Pink Ranger will wield the Power Bow, the Black Ranger will swing the Power Axe, the Yellow Ranger will throw the Power Daggers and the Blue Ranger will charge with the Power Lance. In the original TV series, these five weapons could also be combined to form the Power Blaster, which was often used to deal the finishing blow to a monster. After all, the Rangers operate best when they're working together.

Power Rangers only has five months to go until it's released in theaters, so fans should start to get a better picture in their heads about what's in store for the reboot in the near future. The movie will present a first-look on October 8 at New York City Comic-Con, which ideally means that a teaser trailer will be released to the public soon after. If that happens, perhaps there will be some brief snippets of the Rangers using their weapons against extraterrestrial adversaries, be it Elizabeth Banks' Rita Repulsa or one of her lackeys.

Power Rangers morphs into action on March 24, 2017, but in the meantime, stay tuned to Cinema Blend for all the biggest updates surrounding the blockbuster.

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