Power Rangers: The New Dinozords May Have Some Serious Firepower

There have been innumerable variations of the Power Rangers mythos over the years, but the formula has remained relatively consistent. A group of teenagers receive color-coordinated suits, powers, and weapons. It's pretty simple. However, there's another vital Power Rangers component that has remained decidedly hidden from the upcoming reboot's marketing campaign so far: the Dinozords. With that in mind, we just received our first good glimpse of the Red Ranger's Zord from the upcoming Power Rangers movie, and it definitely looks ready for war. Check it out below.

Megazord Power Rangers

The above image of the Red Ranger's T-Rex Dinozord (via Comicbook.com) represents our first good look at Jason's personal fighting vehicle in the upcoming Power Rangers movie. Although it's only a toy, the picture gives us a much better understanding of what to expect from the Zords when the movie finally debuts. The T-Rex shaped robot is incredibly smooth and alien in appearance, and comes equipped with several enormous cannons on various portions of its structure. In non-technical terms: it's super sleek and incredibly badass.

Anyone who grew up with the original Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers series will instantly tell you that Jason's new Dinozord is far more battle ready than its predecessor. While this new version of the giant war machine looks incredibly streamlined, and armed to the teeth (literally), the original Dinozord was closer to Godzilla in mobility and fighting style. An increased budget means that the film can really up the ante when it comes to the Zords, and we're definitely okay with that.

Red Ranger zord

Of course, the reveal of this particular Dinozord only represents the beginning of the equation. There are still plenty of other giant morphing machines left for the movie to show us. Considering how different the Red Ranger's Zord already looks, we can only imagine how different the new Megazord will be when all of the Rangers combine their respective vehicles into a single fighting machine.

The introduction of the Dinozords is a big deal for the Power Rangers movie. If the reboot follows the structure of the old TV series closely, then we can likely expect that the giant robots will play a vital role in the climactic battle against the film's villain. Whenever the minions of Rita Repulsa (played in the film by Elizabeth Banks) would take too many hits, the evil sorceress would use her magic to force the monster to grow to the size of a Kaiju. Power Rangers are sworn to only use force proportional to the scope of a threat, which means the episodes would always end with them finally summoning their Zords as a last ditch effort to take down the monstrous invasion. This is something that kids from the 1990s have been waiting years to see.

Make sure to stay tuned for more information concerning the upcoming release of the brand new Power Rangers movie. The rebooted adventures of Angel Grove's toughest teenagers will blast its way into theaters on March 24, 2017.

Conner Schwerdtfeger

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