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How Zack Snyder's Justice League Will Handle Batman And The Flash's Odd Relationship

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No two members of the Justice League are completely alike, and that's a good thing. The balance of personalities creates a fascinating team dynamic and allows the League's stories to run the entire emotional spectrum. Arguably, no two core members of the team are more different in tone and personality than Bruce Wayne and Barry Allen, and that's apparently something that Zack Snyder's Justice League will spend quite a bit of time examining. Ezra Miller explained:

I think it's the relationship between someone who is naive and excited, and someone who is experienced and jaded. And it's [them] seeing each other as reflections of one another, and being amused and maybe sometimes annoyed by one another. I think Bruce and Barry get a kick out of each other because they're seeing sort of themselves but reflected in this very warped mirror. Bruce, the aged Batman, is everything that being a superhero means you could become, in terms of being pretty shut down and having seen all this horror. He's like a veteran of this struggle against evil. And Barry is just getting into it, and it seems exciting! And very fun! And so, I think they have a lot to learn from each other, like in any great friendship. I think it's a fascinating relationship.

So basically instead of "good cop/bad cop" we can expect to see some "good cop/Bat cop." At least that's how Ezra Miller described it to IGN during a recent interview. Zack Snyder's Justice League will use the differences in their experience level to explore the mentalities that each of these heroes brings to their respective crime fighting style. Ben Affleck's Bruce Wayne is a veteran; he has been at this for decades, and he has seen the worst of humanity. By contrast, Barry Allen is new to the world of superheroes, and he brings a wide-eyed sense of innocence and optimism. Given the fact that Bruce Wayne actually recruits Barry Allen into the League, we can likely expect a strong mentor/mentee dynamic, with Batman and Flash teaching each other vital lessons throughout their mission.

While we pretty much expected this characterization for Barry Allen, it's a relief to know that Bruce Wayne has not lost his dark edge. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice ended with the character adopting a newfound sense of hope for the future, and the Justice League trailer has allowed Batman to deliver quite a few jokes. We're on board with a humorous depiction of The Dark Knight, but we are also glad to learn that the DCEU will keep him firmly grounded in his somber personality. After all, a jump from Frank Miller Batman to Adam West-esque camp would be fairly jarring.

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We will bring you more information related to the release of Justice League as new details become available to us. Batman and The Flash will officially meet when the upcoming superhero team-up hits theaters on November 17, 2017.

Are you as excited for Zack Snyder's Justice League as we are? Check out the official San Diego Comic-Con trailer on the next page for the upcoming superhero film to get a better glimpse at the dynamic between The Flash and Batman!

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