The Next X-Men Movie Might Redeem One Popular Plot Line

Every comic book universe has a storyline that it inevitably builds towards. The DCEU recently used The Dark Knight Returns, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe is obviously building towards Infinity War. However, the overall direction of the X-Men universe has remained a bit more mysterious in recent months. BUt it now seems that 20th Century Fox may be moving into familiar territory by taking another crack at The Dark Phoenix Saga for the next installment in the X-Men franchise. If you ask me, it's about damn time.

According to a new rumor from LRM, it seems that the X-Men franchise is finally ready to get The Dark Phoenix Saga right. After teasing it as a possible plot thread, it seems that 20th Century Fox has possibly decided to devote the next X-Men movie to Jean Grey's powerful Phoenix Force powers, and her eventual transition into a tragic villain.

X Men Apocalypse Dark Phoenix

The major hope here is that 20th Century Fox finally manages to get The Dark Phoenix Saga right. In 2006 the X-Men franchise attempted a downright terrible adaptation of the classic storyline in X-Men: The Last Stand, and we all remember how that turned out. Brett Ratner's film took serious liberties with the source material, and the movie has gone on to become one of the most reviled superhero movies of the modern age. Now that 20th Century Fox has finally rebooted the X-Men continuity, they will have chance to get it right the second time around. Ultimately that's the beauty of reboots; a studio can always try again if it fails the first time around.

This revelation will likely make perfect sense to any fan of the X-Men franchise who saw X-Men: Apocalypse. A major plot thread of the latest X-Men adventure involved Jean Grey (Sophie Turner) grappling with her burgeoning Phoenix Force powers, and her struggle to control them. Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) eventually used her as a secret weapon against En Sabah Nur (Oscar Isa//ac) in order to destroy the ancient mutant threat, but the willingness to open up her powers in such a broad fashion could soon have major consequences.

Of course, whether or not these rumors are true remain to be seen. It's obvious that the X-Men franchise has plans for The Dark Phoenix Saga, but whether or not it will actually adapt it during the events of the next film is still up in the air. CinemaBlend will bring you any and all relevant details related to the X-Men franchise as new information becomes available. Stay tuned for more details!

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