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December is almost here, believe it or not, and with it will come offerings for every good girl and boy - and the parents roped into taking them to the movies. Though, if the marketing campaign for Universal's Sing is any indication, their latest collaboration with Illumination Entertainment will be just as enjoyable for adults as it will for children. Though some of you skeptics may get the chance to prove us wrong, as the film will be screening as early as next weekend in 200 select AMC Theaters locations.

As officially announced by Universal and AMC Theaters, the event dubbed "Sing Saturday" consists of a 10 AM screening set for next Saturday, November 26th. Admission is free, but limited, as there will be "at least" 200 tickets available from 9 AM that same morning. Using the official website, families can log on and see what theaters near them are participating in this screening that's a little under a month prior to the film's December 21st opening. It's a pretty big gamble on a film that's been anticipated and advertised throughout the year, which pretty much answers the question of why Universal would hold a public screening so far in advance.

Sing Matthew McConaughey

With the kids off from school for a long holiday weekend, getting some limited audiences in front of Sing could prove to be the best advertising coup that Universal could hope for. Not only has Illumination Entertainment landed them a hit this summer with The Secret Life of Pets, but in addition, the animation business in general has been booming this year. So the story of Matthew McConaughey's plucky koala, Buster, and the singing contest intended to save his theater, should already have a bit of a bump when it comes to its box office prospects. Still, records aren't broken and crowds aren't won if you don't try to get ahead of the competition, and the field is going to be rather stiff this winter.

With Moana being released into theaters the day before Thanksgiving, that animated project should quench the kids' thirst for entertainment until Rogue One: A Star Wars Story lands in theaters on December 16th. Which means that Sing's debut five days later just might be dampened by the repeat business both Disney films may acquire, though considering everyone and their mother will probably see those films on their respective opening weekends, things might not be so bad for Sing after all. At the very least, "Sing Saturday" should work up a healthy amount of buzz to surround the film until its release. Let's just hope that the buzz is solidly positive, rather than negative and pessimistic. We don't want to see a sad koala now, do we?

Sing hits theaters on December 21st, with "Sing Saturday" opening its doors at 9 AM at your local participating AMC Theaters location.

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