Cars 3 Trailer: Lightning McQueen Is In For A World Of Hurt In Pixar's Latest

Cars 3

Following the success of Finding Dory, Pixar is getting ready to debut another major sequel in Cars 3. The teaser was just released and we can't believe what we're seeing. What little we'd heard about the forthcoming Cars movie had as cautiously optimistic, but this teaser has done its job better than any in recent memory. We're dying to know what happens next.

The first thing that strikes you is that the look of the movie is something completely different. It doesn't look like the traditional Pixar animation that we're used to seeing. This is nearly photorealistic. It's not until you hear the announcer say the name McQueen and see the Rusteeze logo on the back that you know you're looking at Cars. What we see after that tells us this movie is going to be something else entirely.

Pixar knows better than most how to get an emotional reaction from an audience. In 49 seconds they do just that, but it's not the kind of reaction we're used to having. It's not joy or excitement or love or sadness. It's something darker than that. We see Lightning McQueen flying through the air and we know that what happens next won't be good, and this is where the story starts. Where in the hell does it go from here?

If the purpose of a teaser trailer is to get you interested in the final project, mission accomplished. I can tell you that is already the most talked about thing around Cinema Blend today. We all knew that Cars 3 was Pixar's big release for next summer, but it wasn't really a high priority title. The last thing we heard, that the movie was going to try to recapture the heart of the first Cars movie certainly had us hopeful, we wanted the movie to be good, but we wouldn't have guessed we'd be seeing something like what we have here.

And of course, what we're seeing is also remarkable. The entire look of the teaser doesn't match anything we've seen in a Cars movie to date. It looks like the sort of realistic animation we would expect to see in The Jungle Book, not anything from Pixar. The fact that we don't see Lightning McQeen's more life-like aspects doesn't have us too surprised, what would that even look like? Will the entire film look like this or is this just a stylistic choice to get people attracted to the teaser? We have no idea. We want to know right now.

We're guessing the release of this teaser this week means it will probably be attached to Wednesday's release of Moana . We may have to go check that movie out just to see what this looks like on the big screen. Cars 3 is set for release June 16, 2017.

Dirk Libbey
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