Chappie’s Director Really Wants One Chappie Fan To Stop Asking For Chappie 2

The internet allows viewers to have more contact with actors, writers, producers, and directors than ever before. But while this can obviously be a blessing as much as a curse, as Hollywood big-wigs receive messages of praise and disdain for their work on an hourly basis, it can sometimes just be plain old annoying, too. Neill Blomkamp is currently experiencing such an annoyance at the moment, because someone won't stop messaging him and asking him to make _Chappie 2. _

Chappie was released back in March, 2015, to rather mediocre reviews, as it went on to score just 31% on Rotten Tomatoes, but it still returned the respectable box office of $102 million from a $49 million budget. Clearly one individual who saw Chappie quickly became enamoured with it, because he's been contacting the film's co-writer, director, and producer Neill Blomkamp on a sometime twice daily basis with requests to make a sequel. Neill Blomkamp has become so fed up with the messages that he's now taken to Twitter to expose the user, while at the same time insisting that Chappie 2 just isn't going to happen.

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However, rather than being perturbed by Neill Blomkamp's tweet @sethstewart165 just took it in his stride and carried on with his own insistence that Chappie 2 will happen.

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You've almost got to be impressed by @sethstewart165's belief that Chappie 2 will one day be released, and he soon started to gather support from other Chappie fans. @synthstreams told Neill Blomkamp, "I mean I get what you're saying. But Chappie 2 should be made, just like wave your hand and make it." @sethstewart165 even started a poll asking his fellow Chappie die-hards to stand up and declare their own desire for the sequel to be rushed into production.

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Unfortunately for the Chappie-aholics who wake up every morning praying to the heavens that this is the day when Chappie 2 is finally announced, there looks to be literally zero percent chance of a follow-up actually happening. Not only were Chappie's reviews too underwhelming and its box office returns too paltry for a follow-up to be greenlit, but Neill Blomkamp has moved onto new projects. Most notably the new Alien film, which was confirmed back in February, 2015, but shelved in October of that year, and will be put into production depending on the success of Alien: Covenant. But even though Neill Blomkamp can't oversee Chappie 2, I for one want to see @sethstewart165 put his money where his mouth is and make his own follow-up.

Gregory Wakeman