Neill Blomkamp's Alien Movie May Get Bumped By This Sci-Fi Sequel

The Alien timeline has grown muddy over the years, and from what we have been hearing, there will be a few more twists and turns before the picture becomes more clear.

Currently, there are two Alien-inspired projects in different stages of development: Prometheus 2, which Ridley Scott still hopes to direct; and Neill Blomkamp’s Alien film, which some suggest will ignore parts three and four and build off of James Cameron’s Aliens. Only now, Bloody-Disgusting is quoting a source as saying Scott is demanding that Blomkamp pump the brakes on his Alien 5 until AFTER the Alien director has gone into pre-production on Prometheus 2?

Why? No concrete reason was given, though there were two scenarios that seemed to map out where both projects are at the moment. B-D says that the production delay would give Neill Blomkamp more time to fully develop the screenplay that he’s working on for this untitled Alien 5, as the sequel really only had an outline up until recently. They also say that delaying Alien 5 would allow for any potential workarounds should Sigourney Weaver – who is expected to reunite with the Chappie director to once again play Ripley – run into problems while filming the numerous Avatar sequels that Cameron wants to film.

Where does that leave Sir Ridley? The director always has multiple irons in the fire, and has recently attached his name to a second Blade Runner (with Harrison Ford) and Prometheus 2. He has said on record before that his recent work on The Martian has reawakened his passion for science-fiction, so he’s very happy to move away from The Counselor and Exodus: Gods and Kings and get back into the types of movies that truly launched his career (with all due respect to The Duellists). And all of that sounds great. Except… Sir Ridley Scott is 77 years old. Ford is 73. If the two of them realistically are going to do Blade Runner 2, they should start on it soon. But B-D’s report suggests that Scott is going to shoot Prometheus 2 early next year for a 2017 release, with Neill Blomkamp filming in 2017 for a ’18 release date.

Possible? Sure. And yes, if Sir Ridley Scott really wants to get back into the ring for Prometheus 2, you can totally understand why Blomkamp would

[[ ah ref ]] step aside and let the man who launched this series go first. For now, treat this as rumor, but know that it sounds like this is the plan that is taking shape.

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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