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Matt Damon’s The Great Wall Drops A Massive Trailer With Tons Of Details

Just mentioning The Great Wall to a group of moviegoers is an invitation to another discussion in how the film's potential whitewashing is the wrong sort of example Hollywood is setting for its consumers. Yet, as time has gone on, the validity of that claim has become weaker and weaker as more information becomes available. In honor of that assessment, we'd like to share with you the latest, super-sized look at The Great Wall, which you can watch directly below. It clears up a lot:

Archer Money shared the almost nine minutes long trailer for director Zhang Yimou's The Great Wall, which not only shows a reel of footage that's been seen in previous trailers for the film, but also breaks down the several groups of warriors perched atop the Great Wall of China. There are five different groups, coded by different colored armors with various animals on their helmets and armaments. Their specialties range from support to offense, and all come together to create a rather impressive total package. But one big factor remains the surprise in this 9 minute look: if you look at the group shot they keep inserting between segments, it focuses predominantly on the Asian cast, with no Matt Damon in sight.

The big reasoning for Matt Damon's omission is, obviously, that this trailer is meant to sell the film in its more native markets in Asian territories. But the fact that there's this much footage and that many characters to focus on, without leaning too heavily on Matt Damon for too much of the running time, shows that there might not be too much to worry about when it comes to the film's possible "white savior" complex. Though, again, this is an ad for Asian markets, and films have been known in the past to contain extra / additional footage to sell said films in other territories. Compare the trailer above to the initial teaser we received a couple of months back, shown below.

The Great Wall has improved its domestic marketing game with its second trailer, which does increase the number of non-Asian actors to focus on, but still manages to showcase more of the actors shown in this newer international trailer. But it's starting to look like the full picture is being either woefully undersold in the American market, or the international marketing is so focused on the rest of the cast that it's trying to make up for the lack of inclusion seen on our end of the stick.

We'll see what else happens down the road to release, as The Great Wall is scheduled to hit theaters on February 17, 2016 domestically, with December 16th seeing the film's Chinese premiere.

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