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Technology has already invaded every aspect of our lives and is collecting data on us at every moment. At this point, you're either ok with that or you spend most your day under the sofa. The Circle looks ready to drive the rest of under the sofa. Emma Watson will co-star alongside Tom Hanks in a new movie about the sharing of information that we're pretty sure is going to go horribly wrong. Check out the trailer below.

The Circle is a tech company that Emma Watson goes to work for. Overall, I approve of her interview answers. Early Paul McCartney is definitely the way to go and I while I personally tend to lean on the early John Lennon side as well, I can't fault anybody for preferring his later stuff. Early Sonic is really the only answer to that question. The Hedgehog has been an absolute mess for well over a decade.

On the one hand, it looks like literally every other major Silicon Valley tech company. This could be Google or Apple or Facebook. The only difference is that while Tom Hanks looks like he could be Steve Jobs, he sounds more like a cult leader. The premise set up in the trailer is that The Circle is going to be providing people with small cameras that can watch literally everything they're doing. While the mere thought may freak you out, the idea is at least a noble one. If people are being watched, they tend to behave better, thus they might be less inclined to commit a bad act, and if they do, the world will know. Of course, the downsides to a surveillance state are also well known at this point, one run by private enterprise is no more pleasant a thought.

The most interesting thing about The Circle may be the film's visual style. Throughout the trailer we see data flowing through the air. People's text messages are displayed on screen and people's identities are attached to them like you're watching the movie through some sort of heads up display. It's an interesting look that will certainly make it feel like everybody is being watched at every moment, which will only add to the thriller aspect of the film for the audience.

With a cast that also includes Karen Gillan and John Boyega, we're certainly on board to see what's next for The Circle. The film arrives in theaters April 28, 2017.

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