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If you've been seeing the way TV and movies have been produced lately, one thing is clear: it's a superhero world, and we're all just living in it. Between the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the DC Extended Universe, and Sony's X-Men franchise, it feels like you can't turn a corner without bumping into a new hero in tights saving the day. As such, tons of Hollywood A-listers have been clamoring to join the hype train, in hopes of elevating their career and bank account. And Saturday Night Live and Ghostbusters actress Leslie Jones is no exception.

Leslie Jones recently took to her Twitter to pitch her way into a superhero movie. And the franchise she wants to join is none other than Ryan Reynolds' hilarious romp Deadpool.

That's right, Leslie Jones is ready to join forces with the Merc with a Mouth. And while she may just be joking with actor/producer Ryan Reynolds, it's actually one of the comic book franchises that I could definitely see the actress in; she's just as irreverent as the title character.

Leslie Jones has been getting more work recently, despite all of the backlash and harassment she's received on Twitter. In addition to her starring role in Ghostbusters and small role in Trainwreck, Jones also traveled to the Rio Olympics this year with NBC. And how did she get that sweet Olympic gig? By utilizing her hilarious and viral social media accounts. So if it worked then, maybe Jones can land a role in Deadpool 2 through her Twitter.

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Considering the fourth wall breaking nature of the film things could even get metatheatrical, with Deadpool referencing Jones' tweet and citing it as the reason she was on the silver screen. Or she could be live tweeting her thoughts on the movie, which are then shown in the film. I'm just spitballing here.

Another superhero franchise that might be able to utilize Leslie Jones' talents would be something like James Gunn's Guardians of the Galaxy. While not quite as insane and adult as Deadpool, Guardians is known for being the funniest installment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe so far. The franchise is made of colorful and ridiculous characters, including comedians like Chris Pratt and John C. Reilly. Leslie Jones showing up as another zany member of the Nova Corps seems perfectly plausible, and would allow the actress to step into a full blown superhero movie.

All in all, I'm hoping to see more film appearances by Leslie Jones. Her quick wit and unique perspective are exactly what comic book movies need in order to avoid superhero fatigue. And with the DCEU attempting to lighten up Zack Snyder's depressing film world, maybe they could enlist the talents of comedians like Leslie Jones to help keep things a bit less drab.

You can watch Leslie Jones on Saturday Night Live Saturdays on NBC.