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Alien: Covenant Footage Just Screened And The Reactions Are In

While Prometheus didn't exactly blow us away when it came out a few years ago, it didn't scare Ridley Scott away from the Alien franchise that he started back in 1979. Instead, it seems that it inspired him to get back to the series' roots with the upcoming Alien: Covenant - and if the first footage reactions are any indication, it should seriously scare the hell out of us when it hits theaters next year.

20th Century Fox is hosting a special 2017 preview event in New York this afternoon, and part of the day included showcasing 15 minutes of footage and a new trailer for Alien: Covenant. The members of the press in the crowd were given the green light to post their feelings on social media, and it's really been getting nothing but positive buzz. To start we have Cinema Blend's own Sean O'Connell, who was very clearly disturbed by what Ridley Scott had to offer:

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Reporting for SlashFilm, Angie Han also highlighted the horror aspects of the film, suggesting that it's very much going to deserve its expected R-rating.

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Taking that sentiment to another level, Erik Davis from Fandango suggests that not only is there plenty of blood and guts, but that we may wind up feeling just a touch nauseous from the Alien: Covenant experience.

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Lastly, the reaction from Wilson Morales from BlackFilm has us thinking back on the same feelings that we had after seeing Ridley Scott's The Martian last year:

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Alien: Covenant isn't scheduled to arrive in theaters until May 19, 2017, but given that it's one of our most anticipated titles of the year, you can be sure that you'll be reading a whole lot more about it here on Cinema Blend in the months to come. Be sure to stay tuned for more not only from the film, but also 20th Century Fox's preview event!

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