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Everybody was shocked when we saw the first trailer for 10 Cloverfield Lane because nobody knew that there were even plans for another film in the franchise. However, it appears you can only get away with that once as Cloverfield 3 is now officially a thing. Paramount has now officially announced a new Cloverfield movie will hit screens in October. At the same time, they removed a film called God Particle from their schedule entirely, which seems to indicate that it was, as rumored, the working title of the new Cloverfield entry. Unfortunately, if this is true, it means the film has been pushed back.

Originally, before the first trailer for 10 Cloverfield Lane hit screens, movie theaters were expecting to get a film called The Cellar. Once the trailer dropped and the truth was out there, 10 Cloverfield Lane took the release date that The Cellar had, and The Cellar just vanished off the schedule entirely. That's essentially what's happened here. The Hollywood Reporter says that Cloverfield 3 is now officially on the release schedule for October 27, while God Particle previously with a February 24 release date, is now gone entirely.

It would appear that this change has taken place earlier than previously, because the fact that God Particle was a new Cloverfield movie was already leaked. It was suggested last month by The Wrap that God Particle which J.J. Abrams had picked up to produce a few years ago, just as he did The Cellar, was being set up as a new Cloverfield film. Since the cat is officially out of the bag, it looks like Paramount has decided to go ahead and put the movie on the schedule. Of course, if 10 Cloverfield Lane is any indication, the movie probably will not actually be called Cloverfield 3. The title is still being held back. It's possible that the title may give us an indication of what sort of movie we're in for or it could just be that Abrams wants to keep as much secret about the project as he still can.

10 Cloverfield Lane was able to surprise because nobody ever thought to look for it, but you only get away with that once. Once people know that it happening again is possible, and J.J. Abrams himself has made it clear that he wanted to do more with the franchise, you're going to have people taking a closer look at everything you're doing. It will be interesting to see how much they're able to keep secret this time around or what else they may try to do to surprise us all.

10 Cloverfield Lane was a fantastic film, so we're certainly looking forward to seeing more from the franchise which appears to be turning itself into the cinematic equivalent of The Twilight Zone. Are you looking forward to Cloverfield 3? Let us know in the comments.

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