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The loss of Carrie Fisher has led many to want to pay tribute to her and show their love. However, without an obvious place to show that love, some fans decided to create one. Carrie Fisher doesn't have an official star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, however, today she has an unofficial one that is being visited by hundreds of people.

Carrie Fisher's Fan-Made Walk of Fame Star

Carrie Fisher doesn't have a star on the Walk of Fame, so fans made her one. RIP, Princess.

Posted by The Hollywood Reporter on Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The fact that Carrie Fisher doesn't have a star on the Walk of Fame should not be read into too much. Getting one is fairly self-indulgent process. One has to pay $30,000 and write a letter saying that they want one and that they'll attend the unveiling ceremony if they get it. There are many great actors and actresses that don't have stars because they just don't care to have one. It doesn't seem like the sort of process that Carrie Fisher would have cared much for.

The primary requirement, however, is that you produce something iconic and it's quite possible that Carrie Fisher has the entire Walk of Fame beat when it comes to that qualification. Star Wars is one of the most iconic movies ever made in the history of film. Its impact on people cannot be understated. Harrison Ford is the only one of the original trilogy lead actors to have a star. George Lucas doesn't have one either.

While a star isn't solely given out for merit, it's a touching tribute from fans that they've given her one for the moment. Her's ends up being better than anybody else's anyway. It doesn't just have her name but it also includes "May the Force be with you." and a single word from the most recent Star Wars movie, "Hope."

The star is located about a half a block from the famous TCL Chinese Theatre between those belonging to Larry Semon and Paul Williams. It's a couple of blocks up the road from one of two stars belonging to her mother Debbie Reynolds. Reynolds passed away yesterday after collapsing while making funeral arrangements for Fisher. Reynolds has one star representing her stage career and a separate one for her movies.

Celebrities can be given star's posthumously, so it will be interesting to see if the fact that Carrie Fisher doesn't have a real star sparks any sort of action. It's often movie studios and record labels that end up paying for these stars anyway, It would be a nice tribute if Lucasfilm were to pony up the $30,000 to make the star happen.

In the end, we don't need a monument to know that Carrie Fisher was a great actress, a tremendous writer, and an all-around unbelievable human being. She will certainly be missed.

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