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20th Century Fox this morning dropped a new Web site for the upcoming Wolverine movie, Logan, and it's allowing fans to help "assemble" the final trailer for the March 2017 movie.

Located at 1974FramesOfLogan, the Web site allows fans to sign up to receive a custom, limited-edition postcard featuring a single frame from the final trailer for James Mangold's Logan. Once the fans receive their individual frame, they are encouraged to share it online using the hash tag #OneLastTime. Each postcard features a unique frame, but there's only 1,974 frames, so Wolvie fans are encouraged to sign up ASAP before they're gone.

Logan Web site

In theory, as Logan fans share the images they receive using the #OneLastTime hash tag, we'll all be able to assemble the order for the final trailer. Will these exclusive postcards be numbered? That would make it much easier for us to determine what the last trailer will look like. I've no doubt that Fox will release the complete trailer shortly after all of the frames have been assembled, allowing us to see it play out in its proper format. But this gives true Wolverine fans a chance to own a piece of the film, a frame from a trailer, which is an excellent keepsake from Hugh Jackman's last ride in the adamantium claws.

James Mangold's Logan is set to be the final chapter in the ongoing saga of Wolverine (Hugh Jackman), a character introduced in Bryan Singer's X-Men who has carried the mutant mantle through multiple superhero movies, both as part of an X-Men ensemble, and also in two solo movies (one that was good, one that was horrendous). The movie is set in a distant future, where Logan and Professor Charles Xavier live in isolation, surviving in a ravaged landscape where mutants no longer exist. They are lured back into action when a young girl shows off powers that are eerily similar to Wolverine's... though she is being hunted by men who want to exploit her power for their own ill wills.

Could this really be the end? We find it hard to accept, as Hugh Jackman has played this character for nearly 17 years, and we find it hard to believe he's going to hang up the claws. Could you imagine another actor portraying the savage heroics of Wolverine in an X-Men movie? It would be difficult to comprehend that. Though, the X-Men series had a chance to recast a younger version of Logan when they reset the timeline in Days of Future Past, leading to young versions of Storm, Jean and Cyclops in X-Men: Apocalypse. But Jackman played Logan in that movie, too. The X-Men timeline is confusing.

Logan is set to open in theaters on March 3. We were lucky enough to screen the opening 40 minutes of the film a few weeks back. Trust me, Wolverine fans. This is the movie you have been waiting for. Watch the film's recent trailer on the next page. And sign up for a postcard ASAP!

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