There have been some truly terrible movies in 2016. They've come from all angles, too. Serious dramas like Demolition and Money Monster that aimed to be profound ultimately proved to be mortifyingly tedious. Comedies like Bad Grandpa and Zoolander 2 pushed cinephiles to the brink of tears, while the summer was peppered with blockbuster sequels that were just meh.

But in amidst the wave after wave of drudgery were films that, while still awful, actually had one or two scenes that were genuinely great. So much so that they made the films passable. Unfortunately, though, these scenes were usually just fleeting moments, and the films quickly returned to their normal ineptitude. Still, we here at CinemaBlend believe that these scenes shouldn't be lost and forgotten, and need to be rightfully remembered. So join with us as we celebrate 5 great scenes from really, really bad movies over the last 12 months.

Mechanic: Resurrection - Pool Assassination

Most of Mechanic: Resurrection is truly awful. Sure Jason Statham gamely puts his muscle-bound physique to the extreme in a number of death-defying scenes, but they're all so poorly executed and constructed that you just don't care. Then comes the pool sequence, which sees Jason Statham (his character has a different name but I prefer to think that Mechanic: Resurrection is a documentary of Statham on a Sunday afternoon) tasked with murdering Adrian Cook, who runs an underage trafficking ring in Sydney. The problem is Cook is completely guarded by tight security, and all Statham knows is that Cook swims at a specific point every day in his penthouse pool that hangs in mid-air around 100 stories in the air. That's all the opening Statham needs, though, as we're then meticulously shown how he gets into position to drill a huge hole in the glass that empties the pool and sees Adrian Cook fall to his death. It's wonderfully entertaining to watch.

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