The Predator Has Added A Moonlight Actor

With awards season in full swing, Barry Jenkins' Moonlight has been wowing audiences and critics alike, making a name for itself through its emotional story and brilliant cast. So naturally, those involved with the film are about to attract some serious attention when it comes to new projects circulating around Hollywood, and in the case of star Trevante Rhodes, a particularly dangerous project has landed on his desk. According to recent reports, Rhodes is going to fight head to head with The Predator.

Moonlight Trevante Rhodes

The Hollywood Reporter has gotten word that Rhodes has been cast as a next door neighbor, best friend, and fellow ex-Marine, alongside Boyd Holbrook's lead character. With the suburbs as the new setting, and Shane Black's writing and directing skills, Trevante Rhodes is about to get himself a crash course in both action and wise cracks, as the dangerous new circumstances are only going to make The Predator a hell of a ride for all involved, especially the titular alien.

Before winning the role of the adult version of protagonist Chiron in Moonlight, Rhodes' claim to fame was the role of Ramsey Walters on the Tyler Perry produced show If Loving You Is Wrong, as well as a small part in the pilot to HBO's Westworld. Outside of his burgeoning acting career, Trevante Rhodes, also known as "Tre'," has taken part in Track and Field, as well as the 100 and 200 Meter Dash. Such athleticism will definitely help Rhodes keep up with the most dangerous hunter in our galaxy. Though he should consider himself lucky that he's not in an Alien vs. Predator film, as despite the quality of that franchise, fighting both creatures could be overwhelming even for him.

Landing a role in The Predator is outstanding news for the career of Mr. Rhodes, as the one, two punch of a prestige and blockbuster project could ideally build a firm foundation for years to come. Doubly so if The Predator becomes a franchise that allows Trevante Rhodes' character to survive to the end of the film, and possibly take the lead in another entry, should Boyd Holbrook decide to move onto another project. All he has to do is stay several steps ahead of The Predator, and he'll be fine.

For now, you can see Trevante Rhodes in his powerhouse performance in Moonlight, which is in theaters now. The Predator is set for release on February 9, 2018, and Rhodes will also be playing a part in Terrence Malick's latest film, Song to Song, though one never knows if an actor will be in a Malick film until it actually drops in theaters.

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