Tom Hardy And Channing Tatum Circling A Brutal Crime Drama, Get The Details

Tom Hardy, Channing Tatum

It can be a long road for films to make it to production, with some projects taking years upon years before moving forward to production. Alternatively, some films get so close to the goal, but for some reason fall short. These projects change directors and actors multiple times, hoping to find that ideal pair that can give it that extra kick. Today, we have news of the latter, because the long-gestating crime drama Triple Frontier may finally find its actors in the form of Channing Tatum and Tom Hardy.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Tom Hardy and Channing Tatum are currently circling starring roles in the crime drama, Triple Frontier. The project is named for the border zone between Paraguay, Argentina, and Brazil, known as one of the world's largest havens for organized crime. Triple Frontier is still in the early stages of development, and nothing's set in stone just yet for the two actors. J.C. Chandor (All is Lost, A Most Violent Year) is set to direct.

The journey to the theaters hasn't been an easy one for Triple Frontier. The project originally went into development all the way back in the 2000's as a directing vehicle for Kathryn Bigelow. Despite being written by Mark Boal -- who also wrote The Hurt Locker and Zero Dark Thirty -- Bigelow ended up dropping the project and it was soon forgotten. It was several years before Triple Frontier's name came up again, resurfacing in early 2016 where it drew the attention of one Johnny Depp. Obviously, that version never happened either, but the project has routinely drawn the eye of big Hollywood names- so we'll see if Hardy and Tatum will be actors to take the gig.

The combination of Tom Hardy and Channing Tatum is a solid one, and it should gain this film some attention. While Hardy made playing rough and brutal characters (mostly with goofy voices) his bread and butter in films like The Revenant and Mad Max: Fury Road, Tatum is a bit more of a wild card here. It's a bit tough to picture Tatum in what is described as a brutal crime thriller. It's a step away from his usual parts, but it's always possible the role he's circling isn't as a gangster or criminal. That being said, no one could see Channing Tatum as a good comedy actor until he blew doors down in 21 Jump Street, so maybe he'll do the same here.

There's no word on when this is hoping to release or if it even will, but keep checking in with CinemaBlend and we'll keep you updated with all the new information as it becomes available.

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