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Creepy New Cure For Wellness Scene Finally Hints At What’s Wrong With Dane DeHaan

A Cure for Wellness is one of those movies that finds its creepiness factor, not in what it shows you, but in what it doesn't. At least, that's been the case so far, as we haven't seen much and we're already mildly freaked out by the entire concept. Now that the film is finally getting close to release, we're starting to see a bit more about what's going on. Check out a newly released clip below.

A Cure for Wellness sees Dane DeHaan's character sent to retrieve his company's CEO from a wellness center in the Alps. However, he ends up admitted to the center himself, and clearly won't be getting out anytime soon. The clip opens with DaHaan's character moving up a flight of stairs as quickly as a pair of crutches can take him. He ends up in a hallway of a restricted wing of the center where he meets Jason Isaacs, who runs the center. DaHaan makes a passing reference to his tooth having a problem, before trying to backtrack the statement. His teeth look fine as far as we can tell, though, he does have some blood on his shirt.

A Cure for Wellness was originally supposed to be released last fall but the project was eventually pushed into February. While that sort of date shift can often be an indication of a lack of faith in the product, everything that we've seen from the film would seem to indicate that it is a solid psychological thriller. The fact that we haven't seen much about it is is likely by design. This is the sort of movie that you can't talk about too much or you end up giving away all the details that make the story suspenseful.

Everything about A Cure for Wellness seems unsettling. The trailer that's been released shows that things will get a bit more visually disturbing, getting closer to pure horror rather than just being a thriller, but the movie seems to really have created a general sense of unwell. We don't know exactly what's wrong in this scene, but it's clear that everything is wrong. We can't imagine getting through an entire movie feeling the way this short clip makes us feel, though it would seem that's exactly what A Cure for Wellness wants to do with the audience.

The first couple months of the year can be slow for movies, but following the success of Split, we're hoping that A Cure for Wellness will be able to keep up 2017's streak of solid thrillers intact. when it hits screens on February 17. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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