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Today is the day, people. One of the best nights of TV for the whole year is finally upon us: Super Bowl Sunday. Because in addition to the the game itself, we'll also be treated to Lady Gaga's halftime show and the year's best commercials. But there's also another layer added, because blockbusters have been known to debut fantastic new trailers during the Big Game. One of the franchises set to do just this is Transformers, which is set to debut a fantastic new trailer for Transformers: The Last Knight. But now it appears that director Michael Bay has published the trailer, and we can see all of the Bayhem right now. Check it out.

Holy visual affects, Batman. As is expected for the franchise, the newest trailer features some breathtaking CGI which will surely looking stunning on the big screen. The trailer also featured new footage of the human cast, which is sure to set your local Super Bowl party into cheers.

But while fans of the Transformers franchise are happy to have this trailer ahead of the Big Game, it wasn't released voluntarily. Some hackers apparently got their way to the above trailer for Transformers: The Last Knight, and decided to ruin the event by leaking it out onto the internet. As such, Michael Bay tweeted out a proper link to the trailer, while also lamenting the frustrating situation.

Michael Bay might have released the Super Bowl trailer for the masses, but that doesn't mean he's happy with it. And I can't say I blame him. Studios pay an insane amount of money for Super Bowl airtime, so having the big moment ruined must be maddening for the higher ups and producers.

As far as this trailer goes, it certainly makes Transformers: The Last Knight feel like an epic entry into the franchise. It opens with some the impressive cast, including the legendary Anthony Hopkins and series regular Mark Wahlberg. But other than that duo and newcomer Isabela Moner, much of the cast still hasn't been shown on screen. And considering the cast, this seems like an odd choice. Who doesn't want to see a movie with Stanley Tucci, Tyrese Gibson, and John Turturro? Nobody.

Transformers: The Last Knight will fly into theaters on June 23rd.

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