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Competition at the movies is typically thin around this time of year. At least that's what February used to be like before the likes of Fifty Shades of Grey and Deadpool turned it into an unofficial tentpole month. Now, with Fifty Shades Darker, John Wick: Chapter 2 and The LEGO Batman Movie all competing for your box office dollar next weekend, February is becoming more crowded than ever before. But there's a competitor that you might want to keep your eyes on, as tonight's Super Bowl spot has us excited to seeA Cure For Wellness deliver its full dosage on February 17th. Check out the TV spot below.

20th Century Fox provided us with our latest look at their health conscious horror film, and so far it looks nothing short of thrilling. With the titular cure still being danced around, we see everything from waltzing to fire to what looks like a little bit of dental surgery. All the while, the question on the mind of the audience is what exactly is this cure, and why doesn't anyone want to leave?

Directed by Gore Verbinski, best known as the man behind the first three Pirates of the Caribbean films, as well as the infamous The Lone Ranger,A Cure For Wellness marks Verbinski's return to the horror genre, as he's been absent since 2002's The Ring. With Dane DeHaan acting as our guide through the halls of the fictional Volmer Institute, this horror thriller will not only be intense, but also extremely twisted. You can kind of tell Samara's haunting of American teenagers came from this same director, as the images on display look like they could have been included on their own cursed VHS tape.

Though, if you look at the competition on the same weekend A Cure For Wellness opens, you'll see that it's not exactly going to be a cakewalk to win the day. Also releasing on the 17th is Universal's fantasy epic The Great Wall, and Warner Bros.' Fist Fight looks to cash in on the goodwill that a lot of comedies try to bank on around this time of year. Not to mention, the powerful threesome from the weekend before will still be kicking around, which only serves to flood the market with movie patron friendly content. However, after this new look at Fox's stab at the horror genre, you can count on us to root for Team Wellness.

Later in the game, Fox dropped this spot:

Ask your doctor if A Cure For Wellness is right for you. Some side effects may include paranoia, existential dread, some chills down your spine and an aversion to water. Also, visit, for more details. A Cure For Wellness starts scheduling appointments on February 17th.

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