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There were several great movie trailers mixed in with the numerous commercials during yesterday's Super Bowl. However, one Amazon warrior apparently decided to avoid getting lost in the shuffle and release something new after the smoke had cleared. A new international TV spot was released for the Spanish market which shows us some action that we missed during the big game.

The new TV spot is a paired down version of one of the recent trailers, so it doesn't show us anything that we haven't already seen before. Still, it reminds us just how great a lot of Wonder Woman really looks. Most of what's been pulled together here edited out the slow bits and focused on cramming as much action as possible into the ad. It may be all content that we've seen, but it's so good we don't mind watching it again.

It's very likely the reason that we didn't see any Wonder Woman trailer during the Super Bowl itself is because they decided they weren't ready to show anything new. If DC and Warner Bros. weren't ready to show us fresh footage then it probably wasn't worthwhile to spend seven figures to show us anything at all. Wonder Woman is still four months away and while there's a good chance that we'll get one more trailer before the film is released in June, we're likely only to get one more, and Warner Bros. probably doesn't want to release it this early. Better to wait and get a bigger push out of it closer to the film's release.

Still, not seeing something promoting the DC universe during one of the biggest television events of the year was a bit surprising. With both Wonder Woman and Justice League hitting this year it would have been nice to see something that reminded people of that fact. We did see a brand new ad for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 which only has about a 30-day jump on Wonder Woman.

Many are hoping for Wonder Woman to pull out something of a miracle here, as the general consensus of the DC Extended Universe has not been strong. Because many loved Wonder Woman's brief, but powerful, appearance in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, there has been hope that the Amazon Princess is the one to pull them out of the spiral.

Wonder Woman hits screens on June 2. Hopefully, before then we'll get one new trailer that will give us a bit more detail about what, and who we'll see in the movie. We know the movie has some great villains in it and we have yet to really be given much detail on them. Are you excited for Wonder Woman this summer? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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