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People have been waiting for a new movie in the Bad Boys franchise for a long time. People will be waiting even longer. The next movie in the franchise has been given another shove backward to make up for the fact that it's still not in production. Bad Boys for Life, as the third movie is officially known, has now been pushed back nearly an entire year to November 9, 2018. This also puts the scheduled fourth installment in the franchise into the "who the hell knows" category.

The news comes via the Exhibitor Relations Twitter feed which broke the news that the next Bad Boys movie, which had been penciled in for next January, has now been pushed back to a year from November. It's just about the perfect time to announce another delay, considering that the first release date that the film was given, was actually February 17, 2017. Needless to see it's not coming out in just over a week. From there the film got pushed back to June of 2017, then January of 2018. Now, we're looking at the end of 2018. This entire time there's also been a Bad Boys IV that was expected in July of 2019, but now with the third installment set to come out a mere eight months before that, the fourth film has apparently been removed from the schedule entirely.

Bad Boys 3 was an active consideration for a long time prior to it making it to the official release calendar. It has been talked about for years, so once it had a release date it seemed that the hard work was finally over and the movie was really on its way. Not so much. The script process has apparently been a very long one, and the film also needed to find a director to replace Michael Bay. It found that replacement in Joe Carnahan, who also wrote the script.

Bad Boys 3

What's interesting is that, while this sort of perpetual delay is not uncommon for movies that have seen no forward momentum, Bad Boys for Life hasn't been one of those movies. Joe Carnahan has been talking about the film, and the script that he's written, a fair amount recently. It's clear that the script is real and tyhat it's something the director is actively working on. So what's the problem now?

If we were to guess, it would appear the most likely issue holding up Bad Boys 3 is the production schedule. Martin Lawrence recently said that he thought filming might begin in March. By early February there's a good chance they'd know whether that date was realistic, and if it's not, then a release date the following January likely becomes impossible.

Now, we'll wait and see how long the November 2018 date sticks. If they found a spot in Will Smith's busy schedule to make the movie this year then maybe we'll finally see Bad Boys for Life at the end of 2018. Otherwise, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence may be trying to make a Bad Boys movie for the rest of their lives.

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