If anyone should be given credit for the obsession with the phenomenon we now call the "Cinematic Universe," it's not Marvel you should be thanking... it's Star Wars. Before anyone thought of creating a series of films that interconnect with print and comic media, the Star Wars Expanded Universe gave us past, present and future tales from that galaxy far, far away in all of its glory. It fleshed out characters we barely saw, gave us the repercussions for the actions we couldn't forget and even created memorable characters of their own.

But in a flash, with millions of words crying out for help, it was all gone. Disney's acquisition of Lucasfilm and all of its empire meant that Star Wars' universe was about to get much smaller. While we see some pieces of the EU canon alluded to or even worked into the current Star Wars franchise, there are elements that look to have been banished forever, and the people of Reddit have some favorites that speak to us all. So come aboard as we jump past hyperspace and tear a hole in the fabric of the Star Wars universe to revisit the parts that we wish were still around.

Mara Jade

Once an assassin that served the whims of Emperor Palpatine's clones, Mara Jade eventually became wife to Luke Skywalker and the mother to his child. While there's a chance that this could be one of those special cases that gets adapted into the Star Wars canon, seeing as Rey may or may not be a Skywalker, that doesn't excuse losing out on the original canon written for the character. Still, a Mara Jade working for the First Order and Supreme Leader Snoke would make more sense than bringing back Palpatine via a clone.

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