Matt Damon Reveals Gross Truths About His Great Wall Man Bun, And Now We’re Going To Be Sick

Matt Damon Great Wall Man bun

It is one of the most mysterious wonders of the world. Myths have persisted about it for centuries, and the legend about it has taken on a life of its own. No, I am not talking about The Great Wall of China; I am talking about Matt Damon's ridiculous man bun that he sports in The Great Wall. The actor recently opened up regarding the hassle he went through to develop that trendy hairstyle, and it sounds absolutely disgusting. Damon explained:

I mean, they put 700 extensions in, it took like 12 hours and then I had to try and keep them. By the time they cut them out it was like a rat's nest. I took a picture of it, I think there was stuff living in there.

Gross, right? Actors always talk about the difficulties that they have to contend with when they sign on to a project, but Matt Damon's recent comments to People describe one of the grossest processes in recent memory. Seeing Matt Damon with long hair has already turned into one of the most bizarre and unsettling pop culture experiences of the last year, simply because Damon has become known for his sharply trimmed short hair for the bulk of his acting career. The long hair is an enormous departure for him, and the fact that there seemed to be stuff living inside of it only makes it worse to think about.

Of course, this doesn't even come close to answering the even more pressing question: what "stuff" was living in these extensions? Perhaps we shouldn't learn that answer.

At this point, it remains unclear exactly why Matt Damon required the man bun in the first place. His co-star Pedro Pascal sports a much shorter and more modern hairstyle in the film, which means the man bun clearly wasn't a necessary feature for the western characters to have.

Pedro Pascal Matt Damon The Great Wall Man bun

Maybe Matt Damon lost a bet with the former Game of Thrones star and wasn't willing to fork over the cash. We may never really know the truth behind this awful hairdo, or its disgusting development process.

Let this be a lesson to all of you trying to get in on this trendy hairstyle: man buns are far more work than they are worth. If your hairdresser suggests one, just say no. The Great Wall will hit theaters tomorrow on February 17.

Need a better look at Matt Damon's not-so-great man bun in action? Check out a trailer for The Great Wall Wall on the next page

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