The Batman Deal For Matt Reeves May Be Much Bigger Than We Thought

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After a tumultuous few weeks, the solo Batman movie appears to have found some much-needed traction. The project has reportedly closed in on Matt Reeves to take on directing duties following Ben Affleck's departure from the director's chair, and all eyes are on the Planet of the Apes director to get this film back on track. Reeves' involvement is an exciting prospect for the DCEU as a whole, and new rumors seem to suggest the distinct possibility that the director has far more creative control over this franchise than previously thought.

UPDATE: Matt Reeves has since walked away from talks with Warner Bros over the Batman movie.

Original story follows below.

A new rumor reported by Screen Geek seems to indicate that Matt Reeves may have far more creative control over the upcoming solo Batman movie -- as well as the subsequent franchise that will result from it -- than we had assumed. These rumors suggest that Reeves has "heavy" control over the casting for the film and that he may have already signed on to helm multiple Dark Knight adventures over the course of the next few years. In fact, this particular rumor even points to the possibility of Reeves signing onto the DCEU until at least 2020 -- with the option to extend his contract after that. That's some serious progress in a very short amount of time; DC clearly realizes how important finding a new Batman director has become.

If this rumor is true, then it seems to point towards Matt Reeves taking on a significant creative role in the DC universe going forward. The Batman mythos is a cornerstone of the entire DC world, and his influence on casting parts for the Batman movies will reverberate throughout the whole DCEU for years to come. DC and Warner Bros. have committed to a massive undertaking with regards to shaking up the current silver screen DC landscape, and Reeves' involvement will become vital to this evolution and shift.

These rumors have led to speculation on two separate fronts. On the one hand, this could potentially mean that Ben Affleck is not as close to stepping down from the iconic role as we previously thought. On the other hand, it could mean that Matt Reeves has already found an actor to replace Affleck in the event that the current Batman walks away from the DCEU. Nothing has received any sort of confirmation yet, but we expect more information to come out as time goes by.

We will bring you more details related to Matt Reeves' involvement in the solo Batman movie as new updates become available to us. The Caped Crusader is expected to make his next major DCEU appearance when Zack Snyder's Justice League hits theaters on November 17, 2017.

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