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Last night was pretty much just another Oscar night like any other. The show was too long, the awards were too predictable, and the comedy didn't always land. And then the Best Picture award was handed out and the entire show exploded. The presenters had apparently been given the wrong envelope, which led to the wrong movie being announced as the winner. As one can imagine, social media went a little nuts. For some, it was a case of life imitating art.

Another viewer had a very similar reaction

This morning, the accounting firm of Prince Waterhouse Cooper that handles counting the votes has taken responsibility for the screw-up, saying that it's on them that Warren Beatty had the wrong envelope in his hand. Of course, even if that's entirely true, the fault ultimately lies at the feet of somebody, an actual person, who put out the wrong envelope or handed the wrong one to him. We do not envy that guy this morning.

Of course, there's always one possibility that we haven't considered. Perhaps there's more going on here than we thought. In so many ways the ending of the Oscars is like the ending of a movie itself. The big favorite goes up against the scrappy underdog, and just when you think the underdog has been defeated, they actually come out on top. It's like a piece of fiction written by a screenwriter. You don't think...

What a twist.

Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway at the 2017 Academy Awards

Of course, a mistake like this has to put the entire system under a microscope. Maybe the list of nominees was flawed to begin with. What if another movie entirely should have won.

The way the Oscars ended instantly turned the show into one of the most memorable in years. People will be talking about this one for a long time to come. If you were heavily invested in either La La Land or Moonlight then the change in winner was either like a kick to the gut or like the most beautiful miracle.

This morning Moonlight is Best Picture and La La Land will be the answer to future trivia questions about which movie got announced as a winner but didn't actually win. Next year's Oscar host is already writing his monologue.

Photo Credit: ABC/Eddy Chen