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If you fell asleep before the end of the Academy Awards' ceremony on Sunday night, you probably woke up to a moment very similar to that of the election of 2016. La La Land, the presumptive winner, lost to Moonlight, and it all unfolded rather strangely through what is possibly one of the biggest mishaps ever broadcast on live TV. And it could have gotten uglier had Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson been pressed to oblige any saboteurs who thought they could meddle with the result, as a recent social media post from the man himself revealed that he was primed for action as the drama unfolded. Read the story for yourself, below:

Courtesy of his social weapon of choice, Instagram, Johnson explained how he noticed one of the Oscar ceremony's producers was exclaiming that the true winner of the evening was Moonlight, moments after Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway had erroneously awarded it to Damian Chazelle's Hollywood themed musical. Naturally, in the moment, everyone thought the news was some sort of joke, which only whipped up viewers, audience members and even host Jimmy Kimmel himself, into a frenzy of confusion. In the air of chaos, you can clearly see Dwayne Johnson was ready to take someone down if he really had to. No one puts Meryl Streep in conscious danger without some sort of reason.

Though on the more serious side of things, the man formerly known as "The Rock" did give credit to the person who not only was one of the first people to realize that Moonlight was the real winner, but ultimately was the one that invited Barry Jenkins and company up to the stage: La La Land producer Jordan Horowitz. While we highly doubt there would have been any "action" at the Oscars, it's still kind of cool to imagine Dwayne Johnson defusing some sort of fracas on Oscar night, especially if his hashtags are true and Matt Damon was by his side. Universal, you'd be a fool not to buy this pitch from us.

Thankfully, those of you who are ready to see Dwayne Johnson go ham on some deserving baddies will be able to see just that, as he'll be starring not only in Baywatch, but also The Fate of the Furious, which will be released on May 26th and April 14th, respectively. Though Dwayne, you may want to send Meryl a fruit basket just to make sure things are cool.

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