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Although it was released back in March, the film community has only continued to discuss, dissect, and occasionally make fun of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Zack Snyder's superhero team up movie was highly anticipated before its release, only to suffer from poor critical reception and fan backlash. But one aspect that all of of Snyder's movies seem to get right is stunning visual effects and specific and unique style. Dawn of Justice was certainly no exception, as the battle sequences absolutely leapt off of the silver screen. And now we can see how the effects team put it all together.

Moving Picture Company FX is a visual effects company that specializes in bringing stunning and detailed effects to popular blockbusters. MPC worked quite a bit on the biggest moments of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and just released a fascinating video chronicling how they put each scene together. Check it out.

Pretty cool, right? Let's breakdown exactly what that awesome new video is showing us.

The video starts off slow, revealing how MPC FX constructed one of DC's most iconic settings: Gotham City. With Ben Affleck recording his scenes in a gargantuan green screen studio, the visual effects artists then went in and layered each aspect of Gotham City's skyline. With Batman calling upon Superman with his Bat-Signal, we see how the shot is slowly pieced together. First the night sky is added, then clouds, the Bat-Signal's light, and finally the fierce rainstorm that was present during the titular characters' showdown.

One of the moments that I found particularly interesting was the shot where Batman uses his grappling gun to swing Superman around the abandoned building, breaking columns in the process. We see how this shot was essentially made completely through the use of visual effects, as neither the actors nor the setting were actually present during filming. So we have MPC to thank for awesome shots like that, which helped make Batman and Superman's battle even cooler.

The video also explored another epic sweeping shot: when Doomsday shot the Batwing out of the sky during the final battle. We once again see how visual effects shots like this are created through layering. First the background is added, followed by the Batwing's remains. Last of all is adding Ben Affleck's Batman into the cockpit, just in time to be saved by Wonder Woman.

Zack Snyder's next installment into the DCEU is the highly anticipated Justice League. It seems like this film will be decidedly lighter than Snyder's previous two entries, which is probably what DC needs to become comparable to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But regardless of how good Justice League ends up being, it's clear that we'll be treated to some fantastic visual effects, courtesy of MPC FX.