Two forces currently dominate the Hollywood landscape: nostalgia and superheroes. With the release of Dean Israelite's Power Rangers later this month, the reboot of the classic 1990s property will capitalize on both of those ideas in grand fashion. Everything that we have seen from the film promises a fantastic return to a beloved universe (albeit with some drastic changes made to the source material), but there's one aspect of the movie that hasn't quite added up just yet: Elizabeth Banks' portrayal of Rita Repulsa.

On that note, we have gone through the details, and it has become increasingly apparent that the "Rita" that we see in this movie might not be Rita at all. In fact, she actually shares many traits with another iconic Power Rangers villain: Scorpina. Let's dive in, go through the evidence, and figure out if this "Rita" is actually another classic villainess in disguise.

Her Character Design Clearly Resembles Scorpina

First and foremost, it's obviously worth pointing out that Elizabeth Banks' Rita Repulsa looks absolutely nothing like the character from the source material. However, her heavily armored appearance bears a striking resemblance to the iconic look of her loyal henchwoman, Scorpina. From the (somewhat revealing) armor plating to the sharp and ornate designs on her armor, the overall character design of Power Rangers' Rita is a dead ringer for Scorpina from the classic Mighty Morphin Power Rangers TV series. The film has apparently made a ton of notable changes to traditional designs already (Bill Hader's Alpha 5 comes to mind), but the fact that this updated version of "Rita" looks so similar to an existing character from the Power Rangers mythos seems incredibly striking and noteworthy.

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