First Power Rangers Clip Introduces The Rangers To Alpha 5

Nostalgia has become a dominant force in Hollywood, and blockbuster cinema will reach peak nostalgia this month when Power Rangers finally hits theaters. A modern update on a classic series, the upcoming superhero adventure looks nothing like the original series, but it shares many of the essential characteristics. One of the most vital aspects of the Power Rangers lore is Zordon's robotic helper, Alpha 5, and a new Power Rangers clip has officially hit the web showing our favorite team meeting the diminutive android. Check out the scene below to see for yourself!

This clip shows the five central characters (seemingly during an early portion of the film before they actually become the Rangers) when they discover the fabled Command Center. Reimagined as a downed alien spacecraft (it has a very Man of Steel vibe), this sequence follows the team of teens as they wander through the ship looking for signs of life. Eventually, they discover it when one of the girls finds herself ensnared by a machine that drags her through the ship, only to bring her face to face with Alpha 5 -- voiced in the film by Bill Hader.

You'll obviously be forgiven for not immediately recognizing Alpha 5. He has apparently received a major overhaul since 1993, and (like many elements from this mythos) his appearance has shifted dramatically to accommodate the new Power Rangers era.

Power Rangers Alpha 5 Bill Hader

One thing that's quickly noticeable from watching this clip is the fact that the classic Power Rangers lineup is very much intact. Although they look considerably different from their predecessors, these new Power Rangers act just like the original versions of themselves. Zack (Ludi Lin) is still the exuberant and energetic member of the group, Billy (RJ Cyler) is still the brains (who apparently has a fantastic understanding of geology for a teenager), and Jason (Dacre Montgomery) is the leader who tries to keep everyone together. For all of the drastic changes that Power Rangers has made to the visuals and the basic Power Rangers mythos, it has managed to keep the titular team quite faithful to what we know and love.

Of course, this introduction to Alpha 5 appears to be leading to something much bigger. Just like during the "Day of the Dumpster" pilot of the original series, we can only assume that this scene is leading to the Power Rangers' first introduction to Bryan Cranston's Zordon. This is where they will unlock the true potential of their powers, and this is where they will learn the full extent of their new mission as the Power Rangers.

Power Rangers will morph its way into theaters later this month on March 24.

For an even closer look at the upcoming update of the classic 1990s series, check out a recent trailer for Power Rangers on the next page!

Conner Schwerdtfeger

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