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Even Twilight: Breaking Dawn's Director Knows That Bella’s Baby Was A Mess

Babies are difficult characters to pull off in movies. Sometimes filmmakers use an older baby that clearly doesn't look like a newborn, or they use a prop that doesn't even look like a baby at all -- looking at you, American Sniper. However, one of the most iconically terrible movie babies of all time came in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn -- Part 1, and now it seems that even director Bill Condon has recognized how bad the character looked. Condon explained:

Thank God, everything I learned on Twilight made it so much easier to do this. [On Twilight, there was] a CG half-human, half-vampire baby. That was a disaster. We could never make it work, and now, I feel as though that wouldn't have happened.

Although many of us have aggressively fought to purge the memories of Renesmee Cullen from our minds, Bill Condon's recent comments to THR serve as a grim reminder of the terrible CGI baby from his Twilight films. In the Twilight universe, vampires are supposed to be unnaturally beautiful, so CGI and make-up effects were used to make the actors look impossibly perfect. An overabundance of CGI was implemented to create baby Renesmee (I still cannot get over that name), and even Bill Condon seems to have a firm understanding of the fact that the crew behind Breaking Dawn didn't pull it off in the end.

If you've seen the Twilight films, then you definitely remember that baby -- much to your chagrin. Something that was meant to be a thing of beauty turned out to be completely horrifying.

twilight CGI baby Bill Condon

Try sleeping after that half-human/half-vampire hybrid stares into your soul. You can't. I've tried.

All is well that ends well, however, because Bill Condon went on to admit that he learned quite a bit about blending CGI and practical effects during his time in the Twilight series. This experience proved invaluable to him in his latest film, as Beauty and the Beast showcases an expert combination of computer-generated imagery and effects captured in-camera. Technology has obviously advanced quite a bit in the years since the most recent Twilight film hit theaters (need I remind you of Rogue One's phenomenal digital make-up?) but there is still no substitution for on the job learning and professional experience.

For a better look at how Bill Condon's skill with CGI has improved over the curse of the last few years, check out a trailer for _Beauty and the Beast _(which hits theaters on March 17) on the next page!

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