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In a parallel universe, Charlie Hunnam was the one that was dishing out the spankings to Dakota Johnson in Fifty Shades Of Grey, not Jamie Dornan. But alas, after originally being cast as Christian Grey in the borderline erotic drama, Hunnam had a change of heart that led him to drop out of the film. Clearly it was quite a harrowing experience for the actor, because Hunnam has now admitted that he still hasn't been able to bring himself to actually watch either of the films. After recently being asked whether he'd seen Fifty Shades Of Grey, Hunnam candidly responded:

I haven't. I developed a friendship with [director Sam Taylor-Johnson], but that was a somewhat traumatic experience for me. I didn't want to open that wound.

There's plenty of ways to overanalyze and try to read between the lines of Charlie Hunnam's above comment. Especially since it's quite conspicuous that he didn't mention to Elle Dakota Johnson, who he was originally cast alongside for a month. But there's every chance that was just a slip of the mind, though.

Charlie Hunnam on the phone in Sons Of Anarchy

Charlie Hunnam shockingly dropped out of Fifty Shades Of Grey in October 2013, with Universal Pictures revealing that it was due to a scheduling conflict with Sons Of Anarchy. Shortly after Hunnam left the film, though, the actor gave his own version of events, and while he admitted that it was due a packed schedule, which also included shooting Crimson Peak, the actor also noted that the potential backlog of projects overwhelmed him. In fact, he confessed that he had "something of a nervous breakdown."

Charlie Hunnam has repeatedly made it clear that he was very much in sync with Sam Taylor-Johnson's vision for the film, and he'd also begun to develop an affinity for the character of Christian Grey, too. However, as well as the above scheduling overload, Charlie Hunnam also had to deal with the death of his father in the months before Fifty Shades Of Grey, which when coupled with the end of Sons Of Anarchy understandably left the actor in an emotional state.

Of course, you could argue that Charlie Hunnam dodged a bullet by missing out on Fifty Shades Of Grey. That's because both Fifty Shades Of Grey and Fifty Shades Darker have been critically mauled and roundly lampooned, especially when it comes to Jamie Dornan's stiff (but not in the intended way) performance as Christian Grey.

Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson in Fifty Shades Of Grey

Charlie Hunnam likely firmly believes that he could have brought more presence and dynamism to the role and the film, which would have helped to correct these problems. Plus, since both films have grossed over $940 million at the box office, they would have undoubtedly helped to increase his exposure, too. But since Hunnam has the lead roles in The Lost City Of Z, King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword and the upcoming Papillon remake, that is likely to happen over the next few months anyway.

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