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An Inconvenient Truth did the impossible. Not only did it make Al Gore seem interesting, but it also turned him into an Oscar winner, as it picked up the Best Documentary Feature and Best Original Song gongs at the Academy Awards. It was also a huge box office success, too, grossing $49.8 million when it was released all the way back in 2006. So when Gore decided that he was far from done trying to both prove global warming and explain how best to contend with it, there was always going to be interest. The new trailer for An Inconvenient Sequel has now been released, and it makes a very compelling point for why we need to focus on the environment. You can check it out below.

First things first, let's all take a moment to applaud the wonderful title of An Inconvenient Sequel. Sure, it's a little obvious. But sometimes those are the most pithy and delightful. Other than that, it seems as though An Inconvenient Sequel will pick up where its predecessor left off, as Al Gore stands before a huge screen and provides his arguments to try and prove global warming.

We already know that the film, the full title of which is An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth To Power, will address the progress that has been made to try and tackle the problem, while it will also focus on Al Gore's own efforts around the globe to try and persuade governmental leaders to invest in renewable energy. This culminated in the signing of the 2016 Paris Agreement, which saw 194 nations agree to battle the issue. In fact, the sequel seems to show Al Gore going from country to country and being greeted like a rock star when he arrives because of his efforts in An Inconvenient Truth.

There's every chance that An Inconvenient Sequel has been altered after its premiere at The Sundance Film Festival, especially in the wake of Donald Trump's election victory. While the above trailer made it clear that it will make reference to the current President Of The United States, as recently as this week Donald Trump signed an executive order that started to unwind President Barack Obama's climate change policies. Since the film is still a few months away, a decision might have been made to add an epilogue to An Inconvenient Sequel that addresses Donald Trump's actions. Especially since it is a subject that Al Gore is so passionate about, and leaves him at loggerheads with President Trump.

An Inconvenient Sequel will finally be released into theaters on July 28. And while its main competition on that day will come in the shape of The Dark Tower, it is also going to hit cinemas at the exact same time as The Coldest City, too. Which is an irony so delicious that it just had to be pointed out.

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