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Any fan of animation will tell you that 2016 was a genuinely bizarre year for the format. We saw a ton of fantastic, family-friendly features debut in theaters (such as Finding Dory and Zootopia), but we also saw a particularly notable outlier that you should never, under any circumstances, let your kids watch: Sausage Party. The hard-R animated romp has become infamous since its August 2016 debut, so it only makes sense that an infamous pop star like Justin Bieber would own a copy of it. The Biebs recently posted a selfie of himself with his Sausage Party DVD case, and Seth Rogen used it for some expert marketing. Check out Rogen's hilarious "campaign" below to see for yourself.

The Biebs has always managed to nail his selfie game, hasn't he? In all honesty, if someone told me that Seth Rogen and the rest of the folks behind Sausage Party got in touch with Justin Bieber and asked him to post that selfie, I would completely believe it. The placement of the DVD case is simply that perfect. Also, props to the Biebs for being man enough to admit that he owns a copy of Peter Jackson's King Kong movie from 2005; that is pretty damn brave of him.

Of course, Seth Rogen was not the only person on Twitter who managed to find some humor in Justin Bieber's selfie. Twitter user Klimovski posted:

This pic is going to fuck up my search results when I google 'Justin Bieber Sausage Party' now...

At this point, we have our fingers firmly crossed that more of this delightful Sausage Party humor will come down the pipeline in the near future. In that regard, we're comforted by the fact that Seth Rogen and the rest of the team behind the outrageous animated feature have made it abundantly clear that they intend to follow-up this story at some point. It's completely possible from a narrative standpoint, as the end of the first film seemingly sets up an adventure into the "real world" in which the food characters from the film actually encounter their real life counterparts. If a sequel does eventually materialize, we would absolutely love to see what would happen when the food items from the first movie find out that Justin Bieber is a fan of their work. We have seen weirder cameos happen before, so this isn't the worst idea, ever.

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