A glorious ending can paper over the cracks of even the most mediocre movie, adding a spring to your step as you leave the cinema that previously hadn't looked likely.

But it can also be the polar opposite. Because a sublime film can be instantly waylaid if it doesn't provide the rousing conclusion that it had seemingly promised, leaving you so sour that you are suddenly blinded to the positive traits that it had previously showcased. It happens more often than it should do, too. So much so in fact that we've compiled a list of 10 good movies that were stopped from being great because of their endings.

Man Of Steel

Now that the DC Extended Universe is apparently in a crisis, it's easy to forget just how entertaining the opening hour to Man Of Steel actually was. The scenes on Krypton were concise, rich, and provided a solid ground for the film to build off of, while Zack Snyder and David S. Goyer even managed to make the age-old story of the Kent family seem fresh, and its action beats are undeniably enjoyable. But it succumbs in its overly long final act, which just drags and drags, turns Superman into a murderer, and is so needlessly aggressive and utterly joyless that, by the end, you feel as battered as Metropolis.

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