What Tyrese Gibson Hated About Filming Fast 8

The Fate of The Furious has already screened for some critics and test audiences, and if their reactions are any indication, the upcoming movie should be at least a pretty fun ride. Regardless, while the average movie fan may not have seen the movie, yet, we do know to expect some pretty significant stunts filmed in some exotic and beautiful locations. Unfortunately, that beauty may have come with a little bit of sacrifice on some of the actors' parts. Tyrese Gibson recently spoke out about the rough part of filming Fast 8.

In an interview, the actor explained that it wasn't something like the crazy stuntwork that put him off. Instead, it was shooting the crazy stuntwork in the cold weather in Iceland that really did not sit well with the actor. Here's his very specific description of what filming in crap weather was like:

It was just cold, man. 30 below zero. You know, I'm ghetto as hell, South Central L.A. Black people don't like cold weather, man. They put me in Iceland, got me standing on frozen lakes. Everything that's considered the polar opposite of who I am and where I'm from, that was Iceland.

If that weather guesstimate is accurate, during parts of filming The Fate of the Furious, it was really freaking cold. Tyrese Gibson's description also mentions the fact that he's from a place where cold weather doesn't really happen, so it's no wonder he was so miserable when filming in Iceland.

tyrese is really cold

Tyrese Gibson's first comment does go a long way to explain how cold filming in Iceland was for the actor, but he also followed up this comment with a second, pretty funny one to EW. This one proves he has pretty good sense of humor about the filming location being a bit colder than he expected.

My first question was, 'Can you all CGI me in? Can you all put up a green screen? I'm happy to act like I'm in Iceland.' They weren't having it.

The idea of filming some CGI stunts isn't totally out of the question, but for a film franchise that prides itself on practical stunts and for a movie in which everyone else would be filming in Iceland, Tyrese Gibson's hopes and dreams were little more than a joke. And hey, even if the man was extremely cold during a good chunk of the The Fate of the Furious' filming, we do know that the end results are definitely going to look pretty freaking cool. There is no beauty without a little pain, which is probably something Tyrese Gibson knows from keeping his chest oh-so-smooth over the years, but I digress.

All in all, however, the actor has indicated he likes working within this film franchise, which is good, because it's given him plenty of work over the years. The Fate of the Furious is expected to hit theaters on April 14 as part of a wave of exciting spring movies coming up. In the meantime, you can catch Tyrese Gibson all bundled up in the trailer for the upcoming movie or check out what we know about the upcoming film with our full guide to the movie.

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