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Fast 8, officially known as The Fate of the Furious, is presenting itself as arguably the craziest entry yet in the nitro-charged franchise that's been running since 2001. The public is only a few weeks away from being able to enjoy it in theaters, but select folks at CinemaCon earlier today were treated to a special screening of the eight Fast & Furious installment. While we'll have to keep waiting for fully-formed reviews for The Fate of the Furious, the reactions from the CinemaCon viewers have started pouring in online, and we've collected some of these immediate thoughts.

First off, we have Erik Davis from Fandango, who proclaimed that The Fate of the Furious' kicks a lot of elements from the previous movies to the next level.

Next, there's Peter Sciretta of Slashfilm, who echoed Davis' comments, but also noted that this latest entry feels different from what's come before.

Jeff Sneider of The Tracking Board complimented The Fate of the Furious' action, but also made it clear that he overall he didn't particularly enjoy it.

Steve Weintraub from Collider merely mentioned how he didn't notice Vin Diesel or Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson appearing to share any screen time together.

Germain Lussier from io9 declared the movie as another winner for the Fast & Furious franchise.

Finally, Rebecca Ford of The Hollywood Reporter kept her approval of The Fate of the Furious short and to the point.

Overall, The Fate of the Furious has received a lot of praise from the folks who caught this early screening. It's hard for franchises to stay successful after just a couple movies, so the fact that Fast & Furious has managed earn such impressive reception for its eighth installment (not to mention how well its immediate predecessors performed) is quite the accomplishment. We'll be sure to let you know what we here at CinemaBlend thought of Fast 8 in the coming weeks.

The Fate of the Furious races into theaters on April 14.

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