Star Wars Fans Could Soon Be Able To Stay In A Starship At Walt Disney World

Final shot of Star Wars; The Empire Strikes Back

Star Wars fans are already hyped for the eventual Star Wars Lands that currently under construction in both American Disney Parks. However, new details have surfaced about a next level hotel experience that could be in the planning stages at Disney World. Disney is reportedly conducting a survey of guests in regards to a new luxury hotel that would be designed to make you feel like you were staying on board an actual spaceship. However, the hotel itself is only the beginning, as the stay would also include a two-day long story for guests to experience within the Star Wars universe.

According to WDW News Today, a third party company, Swagbucks, is currently administering the survey on behalf of Disney to guests to get their impressions about the experience. While this idea is certainly in the planning stages and would be several years away from actually starting if and when it happens at all, the survey does include concept art which means that time and energy has clearly been dedicated to the concept. This likely means that the idea is a serious one if reception is strong and the plan, and budget, can be worked out.

In total, the experience actually sounds more like a visit to a cruise ship than a normal hotel stay. Only your cruise ship looks like a spaceship and doesn't actually move. It would start with a set 2-night stay because the story being created for your experience will last that long. This also means that all guests would be checking in and out on the same days so that the story can be told to the entire hotel at the same time. Guests would be able to interact with Star Wars characters and performers through the stay, either becoming an active participant in the story or simply sitting back and watching, depending on each guests' interest level.

Estimates for the cost are looking at $900-$1000 per guest, and while that seems expensive for two nights of hotel stay, the experience would be all inclusive, meaning that all meals, as well as special hotel-only experiences, like lightsaber and flight training, would be part of that price. Admission to Disney's Hollywood Studio, the location of Star Wars Land in Orlando, would also be included for one day. Again, going with the cruise ship analogy, that would be your "shore excursion." When these things are taken into consideration the price is still on the high side, but it becomes more "willing to splurge on vacation" pricing, and less "taking out a loan from Jabba the Hutt" pricing.

Needless to say, for Star Wars fans this sounds like the ultimate vacation. Taking things a step beyond theme park rides and actually putting guests inside a Star Wars world for two days. Disney is the absolute master when it comes to immersing their guests into a fantasy world so we can only imagine how much fun something like this could be. We'll be following these developments if only to be sure we can get reservations.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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