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Sometimes a genre just sticks with you. Be it through repeat performances, or even personal preference, there's some folks that just don't seem to leave certain niches. In the case of Zoe Saldana, everyone knows how big of a geek she is; so clearly the more sci-fi on her plate, the better. Therefore it shouldn't come as a surprise that if she was given the chance to add another far flung franchise on her plate, Frank Herbert's Dune universe is the one she'd immediately sign up for.

As Guardians of The Galaxy, Star Trek, and James Cameron's Avatar all make up the current sci-fi docket for the extremely talented and busy Zoe Saldana, she didn't hesitate to throw her hat in the ring for Denis Villeneuve's in development adaptation of the 1965 novel that resulted in a series of novels, one previous feature film, and two television mini-series. Her reasons why stem back to her childhood fandom, as she gave the following backstory during a press conference for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2:

Dune. I was Lady Jessica like every other Halloween. And when I wasn't Lady, when I wasn't a Bene Gesserit, I was a ninja. So I would, I would love to be in Dune. And I heard that Denis Villeneuve is thinking, he's revisiting and I hope he decides to do it, because I'm one of those people that I don't... I think that David Lynch did a great job, but I was six when I saw Dune, so... So it would be Dune.

Lady Jessica, as well as the sect of the Bene Gessert, are pivotal to the Dune franchise, as they are connected to pretty much the most important character for the first three books: Paul Atreides. Lady Jessica is not only Paul's mother, but she also is deliberately cited as making sure that he was in fact a boy, despite the wishes of the Bene Gessert. Long story short, Jessica's decision yields Paul as an eventual charismatic emperor who plunges the universe into a long, bloody holy war.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 Gamora

Should Denis Villeneuve's film trigger a trilogy with Zoe Saldana cast in her dream role, a trilogy of Dune films would definitely mean that the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 actor would be busy for years to come. Already hard at work on The Avengers: Infinity War for 2018, Saldana would also have the untitled titled sequel to that film, as well as the upcoming fourth sequel to Star Trek, and a future installment of Guardians on her active workload. Oh, and let's not forget four whopping sequels to James Cameron's Avatar series.

Whether Zoe Saldana will get to fulfill her wish of starring in a Dune film or not depends on a lot of moving parts, and the sheer fact that she surely doesn't want to solely make sci-fi films in her career. But should they manage to land her, Denis Villeneuve and his crew would not only be vindicating Saldana's childhood years of sci-fi geekdom, they'd also be giving her fellow fans another name to look forward to when Dune eventually gets into gear. Right now, there's no production or release date in sight, but as soon as we hear anything, we'll report those updates as soon as possible.

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