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With May now in full swing, that means it is now officially blockbuster season -- and you all know what that means: a whole lot of superheroes. The Guardians of the Galaxy are already partying big time at the box office, and earlier tonight we got a brand new look at Spider-Man: Homecoming -- but now it's Wonder Woman's time to shine with a brand new preview from the MTV Movie Awards.

Directed by Patty Jenkins, Wonder Woman is a prequel of sorts to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, taking audiences back to the year 1918 in the DC Extended Universe. The film will explore the origin story of the titular heroine -- played by Gal Gadot -- as she travels from her home, the mysterious island Themyscrira, and travels to the world of man to do battle with Ares, the god of war. This final trailer really does a great job capturing the full scope of the film, following Diana from when she was a young girl to the frontlines of World War I, and it looks like a rather epic journey.

At the start of this trailer, it's noteworthy that Wonder Woman is taught by her mother, Hippolyta (Connie Nielsen), to not live by the sword - and it makes us curious if that's something that is going to wind up playing into the conclusion of the movie. Obviously this footage is filled with all kinds of violence and warfare, but in the battle against her ultimate enemy, Ares, a.k.a. the God of War, one finds oneself wondering if perhaps the answer may lie in peace instead of battle.

It's nice that this trailer also finally name-drops its secondary villain. In all of the previous Wonder Woman trailers we've seen brief glimpses of Elena Anaya's character - wearing a mask to conceal part of her scarred face - but none of the footage actually mentioned who she is. Now we have Chris Pine's Steve Rogers actually saying the name "Doctor Poison" - and while we've actually known the villain's identity for months, it's still nice to finally hear it from an actual clip.

Doctor Poison Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman, which also stars Robin Wright, Lucy Davis, David Thewlis, and Danny Huston in addition to all of the names mentioned above, will be in theaters in less than a month. Look for it at a cinema near you on June 2nd, and stay tuned here on CinemaBlend for more about the movie!

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