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This Very Honest Trailer Mocks Fifty Shades Darker, The Steamiest Story You Can Buy At A Target

Well, it was inevitable, Fifty Shades Darker has now gotten an honest trailer, thanks to fans clamoring to see one of the popular trailers for the Fifty Shades of Grey sequel. This one doesn't disappoint, either, as it promptly pokes fun at the book the movie is based on by calling it the most risqué title at Target before launching into critiques about the movie itself.

One of the first jabs that this trailer takes at Fifty Shades Darker involves the very real criticism that the movie is about 2 hours long and only really features like 10 minutes of actual sex. I suppose that's only a problem if you went into it expecting a porno and not actual plot. Although sex is a key component of the books, it's undeniable that Fifty Shades Darker does have a plot involving stalkers and Christian Grey working out his mommy issues through kinky sex play that's actually apparently more like therapy.

One thing this video hits on the head is an issue that was brought up over and over again before Fifty Shades Darker came out. A lot of women really like these books because of the dark appeal of Christian Grey, and so far in the franchise there hasn't actually been any nudity on the male side. Sure, it's appealing to look at Jamie Dornan's washboard abs, but as this video rightly points out, we see an awful lot of his character fooling around with Anastasia Steele... with pants on. There were plenty of opportunities for male nudity to be included, but if you haven't caught the movie yet and plan to, there is no full frontal male nudity. In fact, he even has his pants on in the shower...

On a fun note, the first time I pulled up this honest trailer from Screen Junkies, I actually got an ad for the Blu-ray and Digital release (opens in new tab) of Fifty Shades Darker, which just tickled me pink.

Whether or not you are a fan of Fifty Shades Darker, or the franchise in general, the latest honest trailer is worth a watch. It's sharp-witted and occasionally brutal criticisms offer a fun take on the movie that wouldn't be quick as good coming from anywhere else. Even those who love the books and movies can still find a lot to like in this trailer before heading off to re-watch the film. Besides, fans have a lot of time to kill before they will be treated to any new footage, as the third film in the franchise Fifty Shades Freed isn't expected to hit theaters until February 9, 2018.

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Jessica Rawden
Jessica Rawden

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