What You Need To Remember From Prometheus Before You See Alien: Covenant

It's been five years since Ridley Scott's ambitious Alien prequel, Prometheus, made its way into theaters for all to know and love. Or, in the case of some fans, forget and hate with a passion. No matter which faction you're in, it's kind of important to go into Alien: Covenant with some information from that previous film, lest you find yourself confused about some of the finer plot points in this film.

Which is why we're going to give you the facts you need to know, while not spoiling Alien: Covenant, but discussing some of the connections that the film has with Prometheus at the same time. So break out your space flutes, and journey with us through the memories of the past, in order to prepare you for the future of Alien: Covenant!

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The Purpose Of The Prometheus Mission

On paper, the purpose of the mission behind Prometheus was to find life beyond the stars, as well as possibly meet our creator. With Elizabeth Shaw and Charlie Holloway's discovery of cave paintings "inviting" the human race to venture into space, a team of scientists, pilots, and a corporate overseer were put together for the journey to LV-223, the planet that Prometheus takes place on. Though we later learned that there was an ulterior motive for the mission, and it was all tied back to the man who funded the mission: Peter Weyland, of the Weyland Corporation. We will meet him again in Alien: Covenant, so take note.

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Peter Weyland's Dream

While the expedition of Prometheus was initially to investigate life beyond the stars, and bump into those who made us, an enterprising mind had some rather self-serving motives for the mission. Peter Weyland, a captain of industry and the man behind what would eventually become the Weyland-Yutani Corporation, wanted to become immortal. It was to this end he funded the Prometheus mission, and sent along his daughter, Meredith (Charlize Theron), as the "company man" on the ground. But, unbeknownst to anyone besides David and Meredith, Weyland himself stowed away on the expedition to try and appeal to the Engineers personally for his immortality. Needless to say, it didn't really work, but we do get a flashback with Weyland and David at the beginning of Alien: Covenant.

Prometheus David Black Goo

David's Experiment With The Black Goo

Michael Fassbender's David may be playing with biological life in Alien: Covenant, but he started his latest hobby during the events of Prometheus. Upon discovering the black goo that contains the building blocks for the Engineer's biological weapon, he uses a tiny portion of the substance to experiment on Charlie Holloway, after some particularly harsh insults were hurled his way. This, in turn, lead to the creature that was implanted in Elizabeth Shaw, after she and an infected Charlie had sex. Obviously emboldened by the results, David has moved on to some, shall we say, "grander" experiments in Alien: Covenant. And much like Charlie's explanation behind why humanity created David's kind, our darkly intentioned android did it because he could.

David's Flute Lessons Have Paid Off

During the events of Alien: Covenant, there's a scene involving David and his flute playing abilities, including a call back to the "Life" theme of Prometheus. This isn't just a random reference, rather it's evidence of his continued pursuit of a hobby that the Engineers themselves had. Through the holographic images on the Engineer's spaceship, David learned the instrument's finer points, and has taken it up himself. Though, as we explored earlier, his real passion is in bioengineering, he still manages to give an interesting lesson to his robotic brother, Walter.

Prometheus The Crossing David Bombs

David and Elizabeth's Last Mission

The end of Prometheus links into the beginnings of Alien: Covenant, as David first discovered the planet of the Engineers with Elizabeth Shaw. After all of the carnage, and the knowledge that the Engineers were ready to destroy life on Earth, Shaw decides that she wants to take the fight to the Engineers. As we saw in the short film "The Crossing," Elizabeth reassembles David out of the kindness of her heart, and the two of them make the mission to the planet featured in Alien: Covenant. Though David has some rather dark intent, as he drops the black goo bioweapon on the Engineers' home planet, after tucking Elizabeth into her sleep pod. While he promised to awaken her once they've reached the home of the Engineers, we're left wondering if that promise will be one he intends to fulfill.

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