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Justice League Dark Saving The World

In one parallel universe, we'd be gearing up to see a version of Justice League Dark shepherded to reality through the loving hand of Guillermo del Toro, and after this week's announcement that Doug Liman has left the project, the film is once again in limbo. Luckily, a new candidate has been tipped for these recently vacated directing duties: IT's Andres Muschetti!

Starting last night, the potential hire rumor made its way around the internet, as the current Warner Bros employee has started making the rounds as the next prospect to join the DCEU's cinematic apparatus. The news came from a tweet by Borys Kit, a writer for The Hollywood Reporter, and it's caught some traction for obvious reasons. The biggest reason that Andres Muschetti's potential hiring seems to track is the fact that his first film in the duology intended to adapt Stephen King's legendary novel IT is already impressing fans far and wide with its early looks.

Of course, this isn't the only reason that Andres Muschetti's name makes sense, as his previous feature film gig was an adaptation of his own supernatural horror short, Mama. Though before we run to far away with that story, we have to acknowledge that there's always a chance that Muschetti's rising star might stall out between now and the debut of IT. Two horror films is not a terrible amount of experience for any director, and talented individuals have endured compromised products due to studio pressure, so we're far from out of the woods just yet.

That being said, an Andres Muschetti directed Justice League Dark is already an exciting possibility. While Mama and IT are the two projects to the young director's credit, it's the type of experience that's needed for the DCEU's branch of heroism that deals with threats such as magic, spirits and specters, and other dimensions. Not to mention, if he's already working just fine with New Line Cinema on IT, Muschetti would presumably have more influence when working with Warner Bros. So picking a company man to steer the ship after Doug Liman's untimely departure is just the sort of thing that Justice League Dark could use to reverse its fortunes. Let's just hope that the forces of darkness and bad luck don't have any further plans in store to stymy this film's production, because we still kind of want to see this one make it to the big screen.

Justice League Dark is currently in pre-production, with no release date intended. Though that's probably a good thing, as its current title, Dark Universe, is kind of taken at the moment. So obviously, a new title will be needed.

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