Watch Tom Cruise Fight Russell Crowe In Cool Behind-The-Scenes Mummy Video

Tom Cruise's new movie is called The Mummy, but the bandage wrapped supernatural monster isn't the only thing that will be fighting the action hero in the new film. A brand new behind the scenes clip shows Cruise and Russell Crowe filming scenes for their own one-on-one battle, and it looks like it's going to get physical, even if the two actors appear to be having the time of their lives filming it. Check it out.

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According to Tom Crusie in the video he posted to Twitter, he has known Russell Crowe for two decades, and yet the pair have never been in a movie together. That streak ends on Friday when the two co-star in The Mummy. The video shows that the two apparently won't be getting along very well, as we see them filming scenes that have them beating the hell out of each other, or to be honest, that show Russell Crowe beating the hell out of Tom Cruise. Cruise, however, we know loves doing his own stunts, and thus he looks to be really enjoying getting tossed around the room the way he is.

We know that Russell Crowe is playing Dr. Henry Jekyll in The Mummy, a character who will be important in the larger Dark Universe that is being created around the classic monsters. From all outward appearances Jekyll is being set up as one of the good guys, and Tom Cruise is clearly playing our movie's hero, so if the two are fighting, we have to assume that it's because Crusie's character Nick Morton, isn't fighting Jekyll, but his alter ego, Mr. Hyde. It's unclear at this point how much of Dr. Jekyll's backstory we'll really get in the movie, on the one hand, the movie is setting up a larger world, and so a bit of world building is to be expected. However, the movie is called The Mummy and you don't want to get too bogged down in unrelated topics at the expense of the primary plot.

The Mummy may need all the great action scenes that it can find. Reviews for the film started hitting the internet yesterday, and while there are certainly some who found the movie entertaining, the vast majority were less than kind to the film. This isn't the best news considering the fact that The Mummy is launching an entire franchise. While the bad reviews are certainly no guarantee that the movie won't be a hit at the box office, it's an inauspicious start, to say the least.

We'll be able to see Tom Cruise and Russell Crowe going at it in the full fight scene when The Mummy arrives in theaters on Friday.

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