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Carrie Fisher as General Leia

The Tony Awards took place recently, and as is tradition, they honored those who had passed over the last year, Mark Hamill, who made the presentation, wanted to be sure one person specifically was recognized. While Carrie Fisher was best known to most as a movie star, the fact is that she was pretty much great at everything she did, and she was a star of the stage as well. As Mark Hamill introduced the tribute, he threw in a line in memory of his old friend Carrie Fisher. Hamill said...

This past year, we lost many beloved members of our theatrical family. Legends of the stage, artists from behind the scenes, princes of show business, and a princess.

Carrie Fisher had a handful of stage credits over the years but her most well-known performance was likely her one-woman stage show Wishful Drinking, an autobiographical show which dealt with her life and her struggles with alcohol and bipolar disorder. The stage show spawned a book and HBO turned the show into a movie as well.

It's been almost half a year since Carrie Fisher passed away and it's clear that for so many the wound is still fresh. The mere mention of her still gets to people. The applause started from some as soon as Mark Hamill said the word "princess" in his remarks. Fisher was the first face shown during the Tony's tribute video and it received some of the loudest applause from the assembled audience.

While most of us never saw Wishful Drinking on stage, the fact is that it was her work like that which went a long way to endearing Carrie Fisher to so many. She was incredibly open and honest about the struggles that she went through. Many people have spoken publicly since Fisher's death that seeing the actress do that helped them deal with their own personal problems. Fisher also did it with a biting sense of humor that was always a joy to see.

Check out the full tribute below.

The goodbyes to Carrie Fisher are far from over. Fans the world over will be saying goodbye again this December when Fisher's final performance as General Leia, in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, arrives in theaters. It may not be until that film is over that we truly realize that such a great talent is gone.

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