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DC's Justice League movie is going through a lot of changes since Zack Snyder decided to step away. Now, it looks like one of them could be a significant addition being created for reshoots. Some pictures of the sets that may be used for the upcoming reshoots being handed by Joss Whedon appear to show a large structure being built that could be the Justice League's Hall of Justice.

Needless to say, if the building is the Hall of Justice, it signifies a major shift in the direction of Justice League. If there was no Hall of Justice in the original plan, thus requiring one to be built for the reshoots, then it would seem to be clear that Joss Whedon isn't simply finishing up Zack Snyder's original vision for the film, but is rather making significant changes, in this case, additions, to it.

To be sure, it's by no means clear that this building is the Hall of Justice. As some who are looking at the images, supplied by DC World on Twitter, have remarked that Tim Burton's live-action Dumbo is getting ready to start filming in the exact same location, and thus the building, whatever it is, is more than likely associated with that movie, not Justice League.

Give the first image a look and see what you think. Is that the Hall of Justice?

The shape of the arch certainly bears a resemblance to the classic look of the Hall of Justice from the comics and the old school Super Friends cartoon. At the same time, there's really nothing that distinguishes the building one way or another to tell us what it's function is, so there's no reason to think it isn't part of Dumbo. Traditionally, there are a pair of pillars that rise up and cut through the arch near the middle, but it's possible those haven't been constructed yet.

If Joss Whedon is looking to add the Hall of Justice, we're guessing it will be for a major finale scene that is being added. Clearly, the purpose of the movie is to bring the characters together and to get them starting to work together. They won't be working from any sort of shared home base at the beginning of the movie, but assuming that they've successfully fought off their adversary together by the end, the building could be something Bruce Wayne had constructed for the new team. We have to say, seeing the assembled heroes standing in front of the Hall of Justice as a final shot sounds like the perfect way to end the movie.

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